Pump stuck at 575 ft and we are unable to push or pull it out - Advice required on controlled blasting technique for the pump without causing any damage to the building


One of the bore in our apartment is 800 feet deep while the submersible motor is immersed only to a depth of  600ft. We intended to lower the motor from the existing 600ft to 720 ft, before lowering the motor we wish to ascertain the exact depth and water springs available in our borewell by inserting an underwater camera. Once the contractor started pulling the pump, it got stuck at 575ft and now they were neither able to pull up the pump nor push it down. The contractor told us that it may be stuck in between the rocks and suggested to use control blasting techniqe to Dis-engage the Delivery pipe(PVC) from the Submersible motor. Please advise us further action as it also involves some risk of damaging our building while using control blasting technique. Is there any other way to pull up the pump? 

I have gone through similiar kind of queries (https://www.indiawaterportal.org/ask/5374 , https://www.indiawaterportal.org/ask/5318) but need some advice on control blasting techniqe or any other proved techniqes.


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