Pump selection & maintenance of borewell in Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore, Karnataka

Location : Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore   (Borewell was done last week 19th)
Bore dia : 6" with metal casing upto 195 ft and PVC casing upto 80 ft
Rock at 190 ft, water at 210 ft, silt at 275 ft; Bore depth : 289 ft
Estimated water yield : 1.5" at 210 ft; Recommended pump : Air Compressor

(a) what would be the pump capacity and approx cost for pump,pipe,cable,labor etc ?  Pump will be used for domestic purposes only. We are 6 people in our family, and I'm constructing ground and first floor only. I'm interested to have a small garden around the house.
(b) are any other type of pumps suited for this purpose ?
(c) apart from sealing the bore bottom with metal, any other option to ensure clean water without silt ?
(d) any other precaution and regular maintenance that needs done ?
(e) What would be the optimum depth at which the pump should be installed for this scenario (i.e, from what depth water should ideally be drawn from) ?


24 February 2009