Optimizing power usage in water management in an apartment complex in Bangalore, Karnataka : Consultant required

I live in an apartment complex in Bangalore that has about 100 flats. The issue is that we are faced with huge power bills from BESCOM every month and part of the reason is the motors running for at least 5/6 hours a day to pump the borewell water to the tanks on the terrace. Additionally we also have a small water filtration plant to reduce the TDS in the borewell water. This itself consumes about Rs 6,000 of power bills (we came to know from the difference when it was switched off for a month).

Hence we would like to reduce the power usage & optimize the same. Would like help with -
1. Reducing power usage - optimize pumps / softening plant running & maintenance
2. Help to find out people/organization who could visit our apartment and help us in reducing costs of water supply and power consumption. Contact information of consultants will be welcome!