Oily, sticky and colored water in our bore well

What is the reason for our borewell water getting oily, sticky, and colored?


We recently dug a bore well in Visakhapatnam, India at a depth of 240 feet. The water seems to be a little oily, sticky, when used for bathing and cleaning. We had a original bore about 10 feet away for 80 feet that dried out. We used this original bore for 2 decades with out any problems. However, the new bore we dug about 10 feet away for a depth of 240 feet gives water which is a little oily and sticky. The bore is also 1 km from the bay of Bengal coast. Could you please let us know what the possible problems with this bore water could be? And also any possible tests or remedial solution is greatly appreciated. Because of the depth could we rule out contamination?


Narayan Ayy. Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India