No water when borewell was dug,but after few months it filled up - Now unable to flush fully - Can I install a submersible pump?

Hi experts,

I drilled a borewell in March 2012 in HSR ext. Bangalore which is 1126 ft deep. The driller said there is no water and asked me to close the borewell. But I did not close as I thought it would be better if I do a RWH with in my site and use this borewell to feed the ground water.

I thought of going for another borewell in the meantime. But in the month of July 2012 when I opened the borewell cap and to my surprise I found that the water level in ~35-40ft deep from the ground level. I have called for a service provider for flushing the water out so that I can check for yielding. But the service provider could take out water only for 750ft to 800ft deep from ground level, beyond which he does not have the compressor capacity. After this the water level comeback to the initial ~35-4ft level after 9-10days.

Now I am confused about going for installing a submersible pump as I am not sure whether I would get the desired amount of water or not. I am Ok if I get around 4000lts of water per day.

Or should I drill another borewell? I would like to get your experts opinion on this.