Need solution for a stuck motor during borewell digging


I am Vishal. I have digged a 320 ft. deep boring in city area in cottonpet, Bangalore. It is a 75 ft. slow bore for upto 320 ft. A slating pipe of nandi brand with 4 gauge was inserted. 4 months after the borewell was dug we tried to insert a 2hp motor at 220 ft. depth which got stuck due to soil filled in the ground water. The motor was taken out again and re-inserted to check its working. At 160 ft. depth the soil had covered the complete hole and now when the motor was lifted, it got stuck at 140 ft. depth. The person who had come to check the motor is telling  that it cannot be taken out and the slated pipe is broken at some point, which is the reason for the motor getting stuck.

What is the solution to this problem and what are the steps need to be taken to pull out the motor?