Need remedy for contamination of borewell with orange slime


A few days back my borewell stopped pumping water and hence I called the service team to remove the pump and the pipes to check this problem. My borewell is 575 ft deep and has 55 pipes of 10 ft each connected to it. The water level starts at 80 ft, and there is a PVC casing upto this level. From this height onwards there was an orange slime clinging to the pipes. The last four pipes were clear of this orange slime but the water was brackish and had black sediments floating in it. The pump had a hole in it and some of the iron parts were eaten away as well. From the internet I got the information that this orange slime is formed due to some bacteria and the oxidisation of iron ore. The borewell installer asked me to do a flushing of the borewell before re-installation, which I will get done shortly. He said that the water is filtering through the orange slime and hence there is not sufficient water for pumping and the water is of corrosive quality.

I want to know if there is anyway to prevent the orange slime from forming again. Is there a chemical process to do the same as it is a tedious job to keep removing the pump and the motor or flushing the borewell time and again.

Thanking you

Raghuram Murugesan