Need a matrix for calculating life of iron removal resin with respect to contamination and consumption of water in Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu

I live in a village near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. This post is related to an Iron Removal Filter (Capacity 1000 litres/hr).

Our ground water is contaminated with iron (as Fe)  2.1mg per litre. (Desirable 0.5mg/litre). No other impurities in our water source. To purify, I have installed an Iron Removal Filter. After testing I knew there is no Iron in the filtered water. I do Backwash and Rinse regularly.The equipment is working fine.

Then why I am writing for your help. Please read on. The ion exchange  filter, even though it works fine, has a problem. (Atleast according to me). The filter works with a synthetic catalytic resin. The guy from service agency told me that I may have to replace this resin when the filtration is not ok. That means when the water turns reddish or having smell I should suspect that the resin is beyond its life and I have to replace it.

The problem is that the equipment is not having any efficiency indicator. The guy also told me that considering the level of contamination in our water (2.1mg of iron per litre) and our family size (3 adults with approximately 600 litres of water  consumption per day), he suggested that every 2 years I may have to change the resin.

I hope that there will be some scientific data matrix which shows the life of resin w.r.t contamination and consumption. The service person was not able give me this data. I request forum members who use this type of filter to inform me how they are managing this filter? If experts has this data matrix, kindly post in the forum.

Maruthi Balaji