Need information on growing bacteria for Sequential Batch Reactor

How to develop MLSS for the first time in Sequential Batch Reactor?


We  have a 3 chambered Batch reactor by C Tech. The type of Industry is petrochemical for production of HDPE/LLDPE/PP, which is presently in commissioning phase. We have tried to grow bacteria at initial phase by fresh cow dung. UREA and DAP are dosed 4-5 kg/day. After 4-5 days the MLSS has growth to 860 mg/L and after that it decreases to 400 mg/L.

At present MLSS is not growing. The incoming effluent is having COD: 250 mg/L. and flow rate: 180 M3/Hr. Now we are facing problems to decrease the COD of the effluent.

Please suggest how to grow MLSS in initial stage in SBR.


J Mahatta