Need information on govt, guidelines on water distribution network and resource allocation in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh

I am working as a research analyst for Social Watch Andhra Pradesh chapter and at present assisting in research on a document on Institutional mapping of the Rural Water and Sanitation Department in Andhra Pradesh. A section of this deals with the policies that are implemented by the government in regard to rural water supply.

The part that I have been searching for and did not get a proper result was:
"On what basis in rural areas are decisions on coverage of water distribution network, stand post, handpumps allocation / location, etc. made by the government? Are there any specific guidelines/scientific methods that are followed? If yes, where is it mentioned and what is it exactly?"

I am still on the look out for an answer and would really appreciate any help in the completion of this document at the earliest. This document is for academic purposes and will hopefully provide concise information to any reader and help in decision making for any related projects.

Safa Fanaian
Social Watch (AP chapter)