Need help regarding borewell not working


I have a building G+4 floors in Bangalore Munekolala. And we have borewell which is dug at 600 ft in 2017. Till last month, there was no problem with the borewell. But from last month the water is not coming through it and currently we are depending only on tankers. There have been new buildings near by in recent times. To know the issue, I have done the borewell scanning. They have given report as below

1)MS case pipe-60 ft.
2)Water level 560 ft.
3)595 ft HDPE pipe + motor pump
4) 600 ft total depth

And they recommended to get a compressor vehicle and clean all the mud inside borewell and check once. They said, extending borewell might be difficult as there is a wall very near to it (1 feet). But I am ready to demolish wall for re-boring. The parking space height is almost 12-13ft. Please suggest if I can do anything to get the water as before or should I go for extending the existing borewell or go for new borewell and if possible, please give the approximate cost for that.