Need experiences and lessons in popularizing treatment technologies for kitchen wastes within local communities

Original Query: Gopal Sane, Samruddhi, New Delhi
Posted: 22 March 2006

I have been working with bio sanitizers used in septic tanks and wet kitchen waste treatment and I found that the odors and pests like mosquitoes and cockroaches disappeared. I want to take this idea to densely populated slums in cities like Delhi, where wet kitchen waste and open sewage creating odor and pests is a common problem, but I have found much resistance in getting ready acceptance from communities, even in spite of the obvious benefits.

What I would like to request the members, is to share the experiences and lessons learned about adopting ecologically friendly treatment technologies for kitchen (or household bio-) wastes within communities in slums in urban or rural areas.

  • How long did it take them to accept and cooperate in shorting wastes or connecting up to a common septic tank?
  • How much of money, time and effort was involved?

Look forward to your responses

Please see attachment below for the responses.