Need assistance in recovering a stuck submersible motor inside the borewell

Requiring guidance to remove a stuck submersible motor inside the borewell


I have a borewell of 270 feet depth deployed in my home in which I have put a submersible motor at a depth of 240 feet. While digging out that borewell we initially got water beyond 220 feet only. It was told that the areas surrounding our regions were rocks. In the due course of change in seasons the motor couldn't pump water efficiently. So we thought of taking it out to find the fault but unexpected we couldn't remove it out from the borewell. There is a nylon rope tied with the motor sling, electric cable connected in the motor & hose pipes intact. It is a borewell of diameter 6.5 & we have deployed PVC pipes upto 60 feet only. Previously, we experienced this same issue but we were able to remove it from the borewell & reinstall it again. But now we couldn't! We sought the help of the borewell compressors. They tried their level to remove it out but they couldn't get it & told that we cannot use this borewell since the motor got stuck deep inside. Requiring guidance in removing the motor out from the borewell.