Need advise on the capacity of pump to be installed for a borewell, 850 ft deep, in Bangalore, Karnataka.At what depth can it be lowered?

Dear Sir,

We got a borewell dug 15 days ago in the Kavalbyrasandra Area and we went to a depth of 850 feet, we stuck little water at 210, 420 and 580 fts and the total yeild according to the driller was 3/4 th inch. Our daily requierment is only 3000 litres for 6 apartments.

The standing column of water as of today is 210 feet. The borewell dia is 7 inches, casing pipe upto 90ft and rest was fully rock

We would like to know what capacity of pump should we install and at what depth is it advisable to lower the pump. We only have a single phase connection for the motor as of now.


Also, should we find there is no sufficient quantity of water can we re-direct all the rainwater (70x60 site) into the borewell after a mesh filter.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.