Need advice regarding conversion of borewells to recharge wells in Thane, Maharashtra

We have a plot on Kalyan-Murbad road in Thane district of Maharashtra. Exact location - Kolimb village, on Kalyan-Murbad road, Thane district, Maharashtra. There are some borewells functioning in the same region on other plots. We have dug three borewells upto 300 feet on our plot, but except for a one borewell there was no water available. Even for the one borewell yield is not good. We surveyed plot by traditional as well as scientific method and relied on both the finds.

Diameter of borewell - 6 inche depth of the borewell: first well upto 300 feet (water found at 85 feet only), second well dug upto 375 feet (no water found). PVC casing used - First well: Upto 60 feet,Second well: Upto 20 feet (dry well).

1) Is there any method by which we can use these dug borewells to charge the water table beneath the ground and get benefitted from it?
2) Is there any scientific method to scan entire plot to locate water tables?
3) Is there any method by which a controlled blast at the tail of borewell is possible to carve out a way up to the acquifer? Is this method legal or safe?
4) Is there any way by which we can improve the yield of our existing borewells?

R K Bondre

15 April 2009