Mud in the borewell.

Presence of mud upto 80 feet in a 145 feet borewell


I recently got a borewell done. The entire depth of the borewell is 145 feet. We also got submersible installed which is at a depth of 85 feet. After three months, we noticed that just below the submersible, the entire borewell is full. Can anybody suggest what caused this? We consulted the person who dug the borewell and he suggested that it needed to be cleaned using a compressor. The compressor hoewever not able to clean it and the operator after half an hour of operation said that his compressor will not be able to clean the borewell.

Now when we measured the depth of the casing it was only 83 feet. So the compressor cleaning process basically lifted the mud upward onstead of cleaning it. Can anyone please suggest something as to what is causing this issue and how can this be resolved?