Motor & hose stuck in borewell: Need advice in recovering the motor and hose or drilling a new bore

In our apartment complex we have 3 borewells, of which one is as good as dead - ie., we get some water from it only during the rainy season.  Of the other two, the most recent one was drilled in 2004 and is about 350ft deep.  One submersible pump is used to pump water from this well.

Last month, we had a problem with this new well.  We were not able to pump water from the well.  The mechanic tried to bring the motor and hose up from the well and during this the hose got cut and half the hose and the motor got stuck inside the bore.  He tried using the chain and pulley to bring the hose and motor up but that also failed.

The mechanic says that only about 150ft of the hose has come up broken.  The balance hose nearly 200ft and the motor abt 15ft length is stuck in the bore and we will not be able to bring it up, whatever method we try.  He advocates drilling another bore to solve the water problem.

Is there any way to save the bore?  If we are able to get water from the existing bore at least upto 250ft, we can manage with the water from it.  The mechanic says that since the hose is flexible, inside the bore it is bent and so he is not able to get a hold on it.  If he is able to get hold of the hose, then he can try to save both the bore and the motor.

Please tell me whether there is a way to take the hose out of the bore.


4 May 2008