Is a monobloc water pump okay for a borewell?

I need a suitable, cheap, efficient etc. water pump for a bore well for domestic use.

Dear Iwp
I live by the seaside where the water table is very high and there is copious water. I do not have government supplied water and depend solely on my well for my domestic use.  But because  the water is shrinking in my regular well which is about 25 feet deep, I have dug a borewell of about 50 feet as a safety measure. The borewell had a jet pump which got damaged and needs to be replaced.

I need a suitable monobloc pump of 1 HP to be installed on the borewell. It has to pump water from the borewell and convey it along a horizontal pipe for about 50 feet  with 2 or 3 bends of 90 degrees and pump it into a storage tank which is at a height of 30 feet.

Will a 1 HP monobloc do this? If not what alternative do you suggest? I am looking for an economic and efficient pump.

Thanks a lot