The Lost Lakes project of India Water Portal - Need experiences of the contestants while making the films

India Water Portal ran the Lost Lakes ( video film contest in order to get citizens and students interested in the issue of lakes in Bangalore and to create a body of documentation about Bangalore's lakes as a community-created knowledge effort.  We are very happy at the results of the contest, which we have mapped for convenience at .

This discussion topic is to elicit information from contestants and others about the topic. What were the experiences of the contestants in making their films ? Did it change their perspective on lakes and environment ? Do they intend to remain engaged with these issues ?

We feel that it would be wonderful if more cities in India documented their own water history and water resources in this manner. We woudl be happy to share our experiences and learnings in running this contest with anyone intending to do such a contest in their area. 



Best wishes, and happy filming !

India Water Portal team