How to recharge one's own borewell?

I have a ten acre plot in southwest of Bangalore with a borewell that yielded 2000gph till 2012, when it went dry. I dug a new borewell, after consulting a geologist,at a distance of 200', south of the existing one, last year. It yielded around 8000lit/hour till last week and now water comes in jerks and it seems it too may stop any any time. I have dug around 4 pig bits (20'X20'X10') at distances of about 100m from the borewells which catch rain water and retain them till Dec. only for the purpose of recharging the borewell ( assuming that I recharge my borewell).

Every effort is made to retain the rain water ( about 700 mm rainfall means about 5 crore l rain water ). There is a dam at a distance of 7 km from the borewell. When there is a good rain, the next day water flow there is high.

My question is that if I dig a big circular pit around borewell,10' deep,10'radius and3' wide, will I be able to transfer rain water to my borewell and recharge it?