Coupler broke,22 pipes and pump fell inside borewell in Panvel,Maharashtra - How to remove everything and make well functional?

Dear Sir,

We have a bore well, 6 inches in diameter and 480 ft deep. We used a 7.5 hp KSB pump and 22 GI pipes, 20 ft long and 2" in diameter to draw water out of the well.

While trying to remove the pump and pipes for repairs, one of the couplers (connectors) broke and all the 22 pipes and pump fell inside. We managed to remove the electric cable. For this, we used 46 rods, each 10 mm in diameter and 10 ft in length. The bottom rod had hooks attached and we pulled all of these with the help of a pulley. We also removed 7 pipes using a job. The job consisted of a GI pipe, 1.25 inches in diameter with hooks and strips attached to it. We got back 7 pipes using this but could not remove the others as the job gets very heavy within a few feet of pulling upwards.

We think that the remaining 15 pipes maybe in two parts as there is no obstruction till 240 ft. We would be highly grateful if you could help us and advise a method by which we can remove the pump and the 15 remaining pipes so that our bore well is functional again.

It might be useful to mention that we are located in Panvel, Maharashtra where the terrain is very rocky. We hit rocks within 20 ft of bore drilling.

Thank you for your time.

We really appreciate your advice.