Borewell trips every 10-15 minutes - Should the borewell be cleaned along with camera view to check the source - Need expert opinion

Dear Sir,
I have a 550 ft bore since 2006 which has been giving good yield all these years and the motor was Kirloskar 3 HP motor. In 2010, due to granite silt and motor issue, we lifted the motor, serviced it and then also raised the motor by about 10ft by cutting off 10ft from the pipe. This solved the issue to some extent but still the motor had some minor issue or the other. Therefore, in 2011, based on the local borewell dealer's advice, changed to a new Texmo motor 3hp. Unfortunately, the Texmo motor runs only with 4 sq wire where the Kirloskar 3hp ran all these years with 2 sq wire without any issue. The borewell dealer didn't inform of this issue else I would have gone for a new kirloskar motor only. Now that I have purchase Texamo motor, the dealer had another 2 sq wire that he offered at concessional rate and we doubled the wires together and lowered the motor. It worked for 6-8 months though the panel board relay switch used to get burnt (it is a single phase motor) and we replaced the relay switch twice. Now for the past 6 months, the motor doesn't run continuously for more than 15-20mts. It trips and the amp is between 19-21. If we switch on the motor after 30-45mts, then again, it runs for 15-20mts. What could be the issue? I keep getting different answers from the mechanic and one dealer - some say the motor needs servicing (it is just a year old motor!), some say there is no water, some say change to 3phase and it should work and some have advised borewell cleaning, camera view to check the source etc etc. I am confused and seek some expert and scientific opinion on this issue.

Thanks in advance