Borewell motor stuck

Help required to remove motor

We had 100 Ft bore which went dry, we called borewell driller, they came, remove old motor and drilled additional 150 Ft, ( water was found at 220-240 ft) We installed new motor, new pipes, wire and rope. After starting motor, to our dismay, delivery was around 1/2 inch only. But driller had said we wil get 1 inch to 1.5 inch for sure. So he told us to remove the motor and check it. So we started to remove the motor ( it was kep at around 230-240 ft). After pulling out 50-55 ft, it got stuck. They tried to use chain block and pulley to remove it, but not successful . Now motor is not coming out nor going inside. Does any one have contact detail of proper person in and around coimbatore who has fishing equipment and camera to check and remove the motor? Many people are claiming they can do it ( cost between 10,000-15000) but they are not giving proper information and suggestion. So if any one has details of person who can do it in Coimbatore region, please let me know. Thank youi