Borewell drilling within 5 ft of house in Bangalore, Karnataka : Safety concerns regarding the building

We have already constructed the house and its a column structure and for walls we have used brick. The location of our house is in Bangalore East near Brookefields. We have a lake about 700 metres from our house.We had Cauvery water supply from BWSSB. But now its so irregular that there is much water scarcity. Hence we decided to go for bore well. And we have got a point which is 5 feet from our house. We are planning to use the normal drilling method where they use the machine to drill a borewell in a vacant as we have received information that the tripod type drills only upto 400feet and in this area we need to dig upto 800 feet to get water.

Does the vibration causes any damage to the structure of the building or foundation?
Is it safe now to drill a borewell?


12 February 2009