Alternative to stuck submersible pump in a house in Bangalore, Karnataka - Can we use external compressor as permanent arrangement to take out the water


We have apartment at Bangalore, CV Raman Nagar Borewell is must be 5 years old.

Depth original: 500 ft. Water Source is not known, but good. The location of the Submersible pump was at around 475 Ft.  We were getting good yield for many years. About a year back the pump gone bad, but could not take out, with repeated attempts. Then finally it was decided to push the submersible pump till it was going down. They said that before installing the new submersible pump it is better to put casing.

Hence a casing was put up to 400ft and a new submersible pump was put, worked for about 7-8 months. Now again this pump also had become bad. Again we were not able to take out the pump, with repeated attempts with heavy duty compressors pushing air. And now looks like this pump also stuck inside.

But it seems that there is a good source of water is there and the water is available at the level of 300 ft or so. Is there any way we can use external compressor called Borewell Compressor as permanent arrangement to take out the water. Is it worth investing in this? How much will it cost?. How will we install it on the exisitng borewell. We remember the plumber brought some compressor while these rectification attempts were made and he connected it and we were drawing water from this. I believe the external compressors will work upto 150mtrs(400-500ft) of course may not be very efficient.

I request comments and expert advise if any one has attempted it.


AP Kannan