"Tapping local innovation" contest: Last date is March 26th

Last date for contest submissions is March 26th 2008 The Global Water Challenge (www.globalwaterchallenge.org) and Ashoka's Changemakers (www.changemakers.net) have launched a global collaborative competition to find the most innovative community-based water and sanitation solutions. Tapping Local Innovation: Unclogging the Water and Sanitation Crisis is a collaborative competition to find and discuss groundbreaking approaches that are making universal access to safe water and sanitation a reality. Addressing challenges from the high cost of water in urban areas to creating access to water in rural areas can lead to critical impacts on global health, the environment, poverty, peace and conflict. The competition offers a forum for ideas projects to be shared and reviewed by investors and leaders in the field. Even if you do not offer a proposal of your own, we invite you to join the dialogue. Your experience and insights are invaluable in the creation of truly innovative approaches to providing universal access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Funding will be made available for the most innovative work currently being done around the world at the close of the competition. More infor: https://www.changemakers.net/competition/waterandsanitation/mediacenter Submit, review and comment on entries starting now through March 26, 2008. Online voting will take place April 16-30 2008 at www.changemakers.net

March 26, 2009 12:00AM