Training workshop on hydrogeology and water quality, People's Science Institute, June 11-22, 2012, Dehradun


Organiser: People’s Science Institute

Venue: Dehradun



The People's Science Institute (PSI) is an NGO in Dehradun who promote natural resource management, conservation biology, and sustainable development. The mission of the organization is "To help eradicate poverty through the empowerment of the poor and the productive, sustainable and equitable use of available human and natural resources."

The aim of the programme is to promote integration of geohydrology and mainstream watershed management with a key focus on preparing local geohydrologists to enhance equity and quality in groundwater use in Himalayan states

About the workshop:
The workshop is open to representatives from voluntary organizations in the Himalayan states.  The curriculum will include theoretical sessions, practicals and field work on hydrogeology and water quality. By the end of the training the participants will understand fundamental concepts of hydrogeology of the Himalayan region, groundwater management, geological and hydrogeological mapping, design watershed development plans, and monitor groundwater quality.

Training objectives:
At the end of training, participants will:
Understand the fundamental concepts of groundwater management
Understand hydrogeology of the Himalayan region
Carry out geological and hydrogeological mapping
Design watershed development plans
Monitor groundwater quality
The curriculum includes theoretical sessions, practicals and field work on hydrogeology and water quality.

Training module:
The training will consist of theoretical and practical sessions and field work on:
Environment and water cycle
Groundwater its nature and importance
Geology (Earth formation, himalya origin and types of rocks)
Types of Aquifer and springs
Hydrogeology relation with groundwater and sanitation
Role of geohydrology and watershed development
Pratical session: Drainage analysis
Field visit: Geological and hydrological mapping
Field visit: Dip and angle measurement of the fracture of the rock and trend of the river by Brenton and Clinometer
Field visit: Stream discharge measurement
Field visit: For social appraisal and GPS reading
Sample collection technique and water quality analysis of the samples collected from teh field
Case studies (Mountain groundwater management issues)

Participation criteria:
Graduate, working or planning to work in the area of watershed management, groundwater management or livelihoods enhancement. In exceptional cases experienced 10+2 pass staff of VOs will be considered.

Registration fee:

  • Per participant registration fees from VOs in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and other region, Rs. 1,500
  • Per participant registration fees from Universities and Institutes is Rs. 5,000

No. Of Participants: 20

Last date for submitting applications: May 15, 2012

Contact details:
Peoples' Science Institute
653, Indira Nagar,Dehra Doon 248006
Phone: +91 135 2763649
Dr. Sunesh Sharma - 8909550037
Ms. Shubhoshree Banerjee - 7409633707

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