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Water Conflicts Forum
People of two states join hands to save the Mahanadi
The issue at stake in the Mahanadi basin is not one of Chhattisgarh vs Odisha, but one of agriculture vs industry.
Posted on 07 Sep, 2016 04:29 PM

The Mahanadi is the lifeline of the people of both Chhattisgarh and Odisha, as it the most important water source for the farmers and other citizens of both these states to meet their domestic and livelihood needs.

Panel Discussion on the inter-state water dispute between Chhattisgarh and Odisha
Understand water conflicts around India with the help of Google Maps - Water Conflicts Forum
This is a very modest first attempt by the Forum to spatially locate the important conflicts around water in India with the help of Google maps. Posted on 14 Feb, 2011 12:42 PM

We are beginning this effort with the conflicts that we have already documented by the Forum. You could also contribute to this effort by sending in abstracts of conflict cases that you know.