Vivek Kher

Vivek Kher
Causes of agrarian stagnation: A tale of two regions
Agrarian stagnation was the same in Saurashtra and Vidarbha until 1990. However, Saurashtra’s agriculture has been growing, while Vidarbha’s farmers continue to suffer. Why? Posted on 25 Apr, 2015 06:25 PM

Vidarbha region in Maharashtra has continued to be in the news over the years because of its severe agrarian crisis with reports of severe droughts, loss of crops and increasing farmer suicides. Relief packages have done very little to solve these problems.

Farmer couple ploughing their fields
Possibility of revival of dug wells in hard rock India through recharge: A discussion paper by CAREWATER
Revival of dug wells in the hard rock regions of India: economic and social impact. Posted on 03 Aug, 2010 08:07 PM

carewaterThe discussion paper by Carewater INREM Foundation on possibility of revival of dug wells in hard rock India through recharge is based on a field study across ten districts of the country. The study seeks to understand how localized governance of groundwater in hard rock areas is to be pursued through pricing (water, energy), legal regulation and community institutions. Water supply augmentation and demand management are both to be taken care of, directly through regulation or through indirect instruments such as pricing.

Analysis of the implementation process of Maharashtra groundwater legislation
The paper analyses documents pertaining to acts and rules of Maharashtra groundwater and discusses and interviews concerned government agencies and gram panchayat to effectively address the issue Posted on 20 May, 2009 10:26 AM

This paper published in the Law, Environment and Development Journal aims at understanding the experience of implementation of the groundwater legislation act in the state of Maharashtra, which is among the few state