Vinod Kothari

Vinod Kothari
Sunshine water in Uttarakhand
Churerdhar, a tiny mountain village, used solar energy to solve its drinking water problems.
Posted on 21 May, 2014 10:50 AM

Churerdhar, a mountain village in Uttarakhand suffered from a lack of safe potable water. Here, hand pumps used to dry up in the summer and a natural spring 1.5 km away from the cluster of homes that housed 300 people, was the only other source of water. That was its plight in 2002. 

Existing water sources 

Sunshine water for Chureddhar Village, Uttarakhand
Resurrecting the dying 'gharats' of Uttarkashi
Once thought to be common property of the village, these traditional water-powered grinding mills are disappearing. Can reviving them restore a sense of community as well? Posted on 14 Sep, 2013 05:30 PM

Gharats are water-powered grinding mills found in Himalayan villages. Though these are owned and managed by individuals, they are considered to be the common property of the entire village.

The improved gharat (watermill) at Ganeshpur
Rainwater harvesting intervention in Chured-Dhar village in Uttarakhand
This note highlights the relevance of roof top rainwater harvesting in Chured-Dhar village of Uttarakhand
Posted on 06 Aug, 2012 12:43 PM

More erratic and extreme rainfall events leading to longer dry periods sometimes and high water availability at other times in the hilly region of Uttarakhand. Owing to the longer dry periods, available water sources are no longer sufficient, and groundwater levels drop even further, resulting in longer distances to fetch drinking water.

Himmothan Pariyojana's drinking water and sanitation (WATSAN) interventions in Uttarakhand
Rural development issues in Uttarakhand
Posted on 05 Jun, 2012 10:32 PM

In 2001, the Himmothan Pariyojana (HMP) programme was initiated to work on rural development issues in collaboration with the Government of Uttarakhand, as formalised by a 10-year MoU between the two in 2004.