V C Goyal

V C Goyal
Pond water reuse from a circular economy perspective
Ponds became a storehouse of metal toxicity in the accumulated sludge: Study Posted on 24 May, 2022 08:06 PM

Ponds are increasingly getting polluted mainly due to the discharge of wastewater from residential areas, sewage outlets, solid waste dump sites, livestock rearing sites (e.g., dairy, poultry), and fertilizers and pesticides from farmers’ fields.

Wastewater generated from households in the catchment area of a pond contaminates its waters (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
The relevance of traditional knowledge for health, well being and sustainable development - Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge
With commercialisation of natural resources, traditional knowledge that managed to maintain sustainable levels of exploitation has been sidelined, the report says. Posted on 22 Aug, 2011 12:27 PM

This paper published in the journal Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge is an attempt to discuss the traditional knowledge of elderly people, their role and highlights many areas w