Suparna Ghosh-Jerath

Suparna Ghosh-Jerath
Indigenous food systems - in peril!
The indigenous food systems of the Munda tribes of Jharkhand display great dietary diversity and can help enhance nutritional outcomes. Will they survive the impacts of urbanisation and climate change?
Posted on 20 Feb, 2022 11:46 AM

While food systems globally are struggling to meet the nutritional needs of the growing populations, these have put a strain on land, water, soil, resources leading to a renewed interest in sustainable food systems. These, derived from sustainable cultures and ecosystems are often known to be accessible, affordable, safe,  healthy and promote environmental stability.

Indigenous food systems, in peril! (Image Source: Usha Dewani)
Replacing rice will improve India’s climate resilience
A study calls for solutions that can benefit farmers and the environment and positively impact India's nutrition indicators. Posted on 11 Dec, 2019 11:50 AM

A new study finds that introducing coarse cereals such as millet and sorghum could improve India’s national food supply in many ways.

Rice field in Karnataka (Image: Guldem Ustun, Flickr Commons, CC BY 2.0)