Savita Tomar

Savita Tomar
Groundwater prospects analysis through hydrogeophysical parameters and hydrogeomorphic zonation - a case study in parts of Kewta watershed - upper Barakar basin - Bihar
The study integrates hydrogeomorphic and hydrogeophysical approach for groundwater exploration for Kewta watershed, upper Barakar basin, Bihar Posted on 19 May, 2009 01:43 PM

 In this paper from the GIS Development site present study, hydrogeomorphic zonation has been carried out through remote sensing technique.

Analysis of hydrogeophysical properties of aquifer and reserve estimation for sustainable development of groundwater in Kewta watershed, Hazaribagh, Bihar
Several sub-surface basins/ underground reservoirs, can be used for groundwater storage and retrieval which has storage capacity to irrigate 50 per cent geographical area of Kewta watershed Posted on 19 May, 2009 01:39 PM

In this study from the GIS Development site,  the hydrogeophysical parameters generated from vertical sounding, geohydrological, inferred fractures and geomorphic zones derived from remotely sensed data have been analysed in Kewta watershed of upper Barakar Basin, Hazaribagh. The study area is part of lower Hazaribagh plateau and is part of pediplain developed over Chotanagpur granite gneiss and meta- sedimentary.