Santosh Kumar

Santosh Kumar
Economics of India’s adaptation and resilience pathways
Drought contributes more than 70 per cent to India’s riskscape followed by floods, cyclones and earthquakes/tsunamis Posted on 02 Mar, 2022 08:47 PM

In the year 2021 India witnessed multiple intense cascading risk scenarios.

An assessment of the cost and priorities of climate adaptation in different regions can strengthen resilience and warning systems. (Image: Max Pixel CC0)
Poisoned waters, deadly outcomes!
A study shows that high arsenic contamination of groundwater in Bihar is linked with increase in cancer cases. Districts located near the Himalayan river basins have more people with cancer. Posted on 29 Aug, 2021 12:22 AM

While groundwater is an important source of drinking water worldwide, contamination of groundwater sources is on the rise. Arsenic contamination of groundwater has been found to affect as high as 300 million people worldwide exposing them to a number of health risks.

Arsenic contamination of groundwater in India

Drinking water in Bihar, linked to cancer (Image Source: IWP Flickr photos)