Ranjit Devraj

Ranjit Devraj
"Climate change" - Understanding the connections with energy use, and how India's galloping economic growth and insatiable appetite for energy can be balanced with environmental security?
This June 2006 issue of Agenda looks at some of the issues governing climate change and power production. Posted on 18 Jun, 2011 12:52 AM

Agenda magazine June 2006 special issue on the "Climate change"


Introduction: Energy versus emissions: The big challenge of the new millennium
By Rakesh Kalshian
To maintain its economic growth rate of 8-10%, India needs all the energy it can get. But the momentum of economic growth overrides crucial environmental concerns.

Hotting up: The science and politics of climate change
By Aditi Sen
The world is hotting up. Climate systems are changing. The 1990s were the hottest decade ever, sea levels rose by 10-20 cm during the 20th century, and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are 31% higher than in 1750.