Ramaswamy R Iyer

Ramaswamy R Iyer
National water framework law – An explanatory note developed by the Sub-Group of Planning Commission’s Working Group on Water Governance for the Twelfth Plan
This note on the national water law provides an account of why a national water law is necessary Posted on 19 Sep, 2012 05:30 PM

This explanatory note by the Planning Commission on the national water law begins with an account of why a national water law is necessary.

Supreme Court order in February 27, 2012 on the interlinking of rivers project A statement and an appeal by concerned citizens to think of all the implications
A number of citizens have made a public statement, expressing serious concern about the Supreme Court’s Order of Feb 27, 2012 on the Interlinking of Rivers Project. The statement endorsed by more than sixty eminent persons has urged the Supreme Court to put this order on hold and reconsider the matter. The statement first states the concerns relating to the propriety of the apex court making this specific order, and then proceeds to state the concerns relating to the Project itself.
Posted on 29 Mar, 2012 06:37 PM

The full statement is as follows -

We, the signatories to this statement, wish to record our utmost concern at the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s judgment of 27 February 2012 on the Inter-Linking of Rivers Project (ILR), on the following grounds:

Towards good sense on Mullaperiyar - EPW - January (2007)
This article published in the Economic and Political Weekly briefly attempts to set forth the nature of the Mullaperiyar dispute.
Posted on 06 Feb, 2012 07:59 AM

It makes some suggestions on the way in which it may be useful to proceed. The article argues that a new case has now been added to the existing list of river-water disputes and that the issue has turned very crucial as feelings are running high on the Mullapperiyar issue in both Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and that there is a risk that the dispute might become intractable. The article warns that wisdom is needed to avoid a serious deterioration of the relations between the two states.

National Water Policy - An alternative draft for consideration by Ramaswamy R Iyer - Economic and Political Weekly
This paper in the Economic and Political Weekly presents the contours of an alternative water policy document by Ramaswamy R Iyer.
Posted on 10 Jul, 2011 08:31 AM

The paper sets forth for consideration a broad national perspective on the nature of water and on its prudent, wise, sustainable, equitable and harmonious use. The Ministry of Water Resources is at present engaged in revising the National Water Policy 2002. Iyer is of the opinion that instead of trying to make changes in the 2002 Policy, the Ministry should put it aside and draft a new policy, starting from first principles.