R Rangarajan

R Rangarajan
Sea level rise – Impact on major infrastructure, ecosystems and land along the Tamil Nadu coast – A report by IFMR and IIT Madras
Sea level rise will affect the Tamil Nadu coastline in India in a variety of ways, the report says. Posted on 24 Aug, 2011 03:53 PM

CoastThis report by Institute of Financial Management and Research (Madras) and Indian Institute of Technology (Madras) deals with the impact of sea level rise on major infrastructure, ecosystems and land along the Tamil Nadu coast.

The Tamil Nadu coastline is about 1,076 km, with thirteen coastal districts, and it forms a fairly large contiguous and narrow coastal strip dotted with fragile ecological features and rampant development activities. There are major, existing and proposed, economic and infrastructure developments, including ports, power plants, highways and even airports, which are being planned very close to the shoreline along India’s coast.

Vicious cycle of fluoride in semi-arid India – A health concern – A paper in Current Science
This paper from Current Science discusses how excess fluoride in groundwater-based drinking water supply is a growing concern in semi-arid tropical (SAT) regions of India. Posted on 20 Mar, 2011 09:10 PM

More than 16 states in India are facing the fluorosis problem. Several southern-peninsular states are experiencing monsoon climate condition, where the rainwater is harvested through tanks and used for agriculture.