Pulak Mishra

Pulak Mishra
Climate change and transition in cropping patterns in West Bengal
Crop choice decisions made by the farmers largely depend on the infrastructure facilities, technology applied and ecological conditions Posted on 26 May, 2022 01:35 PM

With changing climatic and market conditions, Indian agriculture sector needs appropriate transition in cropping patterns to ensure sustainability in growth of the sector and inclusiveness of land-constrained farmers in the intensification process.

The presence of infrastructure facilities influence crop choice in favour of non-foodgrains (Image: UN Women/Ashutosh Negi)
A tool for crop choice integrates gender and farmer's preferences
Model used to explore consequences of different crop choices on income, gender-specific labour, use of inputs and markets Posted on 06 Mar, 2022 10:55 AM

An inclusive participatory approach to facilitate the inclusion of marginalised individuals and groups, including women and the very poor, in agricultural intensification processes was developed as a part of a project undertaken in West Bengal, India and Bangladesh

Promoting socially inclusive and sustainable agricultural intensification in West Bengal and Bangladesh (Image: ACIAR)