Priya Sangameswaran

Priya Sangameswaran
Life, livelihoods, ecosystems, culture: Entitlements and allocation of water for competing uses
The Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts in India presents a report on water allocation for competing uses. Posted on 27 Dec, 2011 05:10 PM

Water ConflictThis report has been prepared by the members of the working group set up by the Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts in India on the issue of “Entitlements and allocations for livelihoods and ecosystem needs". The introductory chapter sets out the context of the report. The immediate context is the work of the Forum over the last 4-5 years, and the learning that this particular issue leads to many water conflicts in India.

Review of right to water: Human rights, state legislation, and civil society initiatives in India
The report engages with the idea of rights (and the right to water) to bring questions of social justice and equity to the forefront. Posted on 19 Oct, 2010 07:33 AM

This study by CISED is a review of the rights discourse in the context of water, based on academic and popular literature on rights and civil society initiatives as well as government documents regarding water and related subjects.