Norman Uphoff

Norman Uphoff
A response to doubts raised by Prof. Yuan on Indian farmer's record paddy yield through SRI method in Bihar
It is to be hoped that people will not take seriously the rejection by Prof. Yuan of the high paddy yields reported from Darveshpura, achieved not just that by Sumant Kumar but also by four farmer-neighbors. Posted on 04 Mar, 2013 11:13 PM

There is no scientific basis for rejecting these record yields in Bihar as a ‘hoax,’ because there is considerable evidence available that confirms the reported yields. Saying that the Indian government could not confirm the yield *after* the harvest is obviously correct, but it is a mistaken assertion.

Paddy and water management with the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) – A special issue of the journal "Paddy and Water Environment"
The international journal “Paddy and Water Environment” has brought out a special issue on “Paddy and Water Management with the System of Rice Intensification (SRI)” Posted on 17 Apr, 2011 10:30 AM

PAWEThis  brings together the results of formal research on SRI in a number of countries (Part I) and also reports on initiatives by government agencies, NGOs, universities, or the private sector, bringing knowledge of SRI to farmers in a wide range of agroecological circumstances (Part II). It has six articles and nine technical reports from Afghanistan, China, the Gambia, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Mali,  Pakistan, Panama, and Thailand as well as several review articles.

The System of Rice Intensification (SRI), developed in Madagascar almost 30 years ago, modifies certain practices for managing plants, soil, water, and nutrients with the effect of raising the productivity of the land, labor, and capital devoted to rice production. Certain production inputs are reduced—seeds, inorganic fertilizer, water, and fuel where water is pumped—with increased yield as a result.