Benefits, issues and status of WATSAN systems - A survey of an IDWM project supported by Arghyam
An integrated approach to domestic water management using rooftop rainwater harvesting, and eco-sanitation toilets and creating models in the rural set-up Posted on 22 Dec, 2010 07:56 PM

This paper presents the results of a survey of WATSAN systems implemented under an Integrated Domestic Water Management (IDWM) project supported by Arghyam and implemented by MYRADA and MYKAPS in Bangarpet and H D Kote blocks of Kolar district of Karnataka. Arghyam has promoted Roof-top Rain Water Harvesting (RRWH) and eco-sanitation systems in its various project areas through its partner organizations.

This project aimed at developing an integrated approach to domestic water management. It focused on construction of RRWH and eco-sanitation toilets in four villages in the project area in Kolar with the aim of creating models of integrated management of domestic water and sanitation in a rural set-up.

Agronomic measures in dryland agriculture: An overview
An information kit on the agronomic measures in dryland agriculture Posted on 15 Sep, 2009 10:39 AM

Agronomic Measures in Dryland Agriculture
Soil and water conservation measures consist of agronomical and mechanical methods. Agronomic methods are supported with mechanical measures where land slope exceeds permissible limits and runoff gains erosive velocities.

The following boxes explain the nature of agronomic measures which are essential in inter-bunded or terraced areas. These practices enhance the utility value of all kinds of mechanical structures.