Manoj Misra

Manoj Misra
This is how your kid’s life will be like in 2050
It is almost certain that today’s kids are doomed to live in a world that would be two-degree centigrade warmer compared to the average global temperature of the 1850s. But what would that world be like?
Posted on 22 Apr, 2022 03:04 PM

Scientists might be forced to listen to self-serving politicians but climate change shall not.

Children's lives are under threat due to climate change. (Image: Max Pixel)
Art of killing a river
Manoj Misra speaks on the much neglected area of the Yamuna river and its floodplains and why its mere clean-up is not enough--especially as the World Culture Festival approaches.
Posted on 22 Feb, 2016 01:19 PM

Recent permission granted to the Art of Living to hold the World Culture Festival in the Yamuna floodplains points fingers yet again at the fact that not much has been done to assure its safety. The rapid encroachment of the Yamuna floodplain has raised a few questions. Can the river sustain the rampant commercialisation of its floodplains?

NGT had in July 2015 slapped a fine on the Akshardham temple management for carrying out expansion without prior environmental clearance and without examining whether the expanded portion fell on the Yamuna’s floodplains (Source: Ramesh N G, Wikimedia Commons)
On the brink: Water governance in the Yamuna river basin in Haryana
Water situation in the Yamuna river basin in the state of Haryana, currently threatened from poor management of surface water, over draft of groundwater, water misuse, waste and pollution,. Posted on 08 Dec, 2010 10:07 PM

This study attempts to develop a case study of the Western Yamuna Canal Command in Haryana with the purpose of developing a general picture of the institutional environment and arrangements related to water resource development and use in the State of Haryana. It is based on a review of water law, policy and administration and helps draw conclusions on whether the existing governance systems are meeting the current needs and suggests alternate options. The study has attempted to test the following hypothesis –

The myth of flood controls - A note by Dinesh Kumar Mishra
The futility of dams in the face of floods ignored.
Posted on 18 Sep, 2010 04:41 PM

In the light of the recent major floods in river Yamuna, the enclosed article that deals with the question and futility of man made structures like dams and embankments to control floods may be found useful.

But it is unfortunate that even this otherwise very insightful article does not reflect anywhere on the fact that the floods in monsoon months are natural events and should be acknowledged and planned for accordingly.

There is a need to better understand the phenomenon of floods and not to treat them as some kind of natural calamity requiring artificial man made safeguards.

It may be noted that Dr D K Mishra who has studied the floods in river Kosi for decades has been making these points for many years now. It is necessary to heed to people like him if we do not wish to invite more trouble in future.