Mahesh Bacham

Mahesh Bacham
Treating sewage with plants
Neknampur lake serves as a fitting example of how low cost but effective natural techniques can be used to clean city lakes that are choking with pollutants.
Posted on 17 Apr, 2018 04:56 PM

A radical new method is fast emerging as an effective and sustainable solution to increasing pollution in urban lakes. Called floating treatment wetlands (FTW), they are artificial islands with plants that stay afloat on the lake. The plants clean the lake through hydroponics system, resulting in a cleaner, beautiful lake and an improved habitat for creatures that depend on it.

Floating treatment wetland at Neknampur lake. (Pic courtesy: 101Reporters)
Citizens save polluted Bengaluru lake
One of the many polluted Bengaluru lakes, Gottigere lake is being revived, thanks to the intervention of some responsible citizens.
Posted on 14 Mar, 2018 07:23 PM

Gottigere lake used to be a major source of water for south Bangalore. Its overflow fed several other lakes in the area. It was also the reason why so many people bought apartments nearby.

Gottigere residents gather to clean the lake. (Pic courtesy: 101Reporters)
Farmers’ plight: Leaving land for a lesser life
One of the worst affected districts in Andhra Pradesh, Anantapur is seeing its farmers leave their villages for cities due to water scarcity.
Posted on 13 Mar, 2018 06:24 AM

Scanty rainfall, depleting groundwater levels, barren farmlands and mass migration of farmers to cities for better livelihood--this is the reality of most of rural India today. Many parts of India are witnessing this growing trend of farmers leaving their lands in search of jobs in cities.

Many villages look deserted due to mass migration of villagers to cities for jobs. Houses are abandoned and are getting ruined due to nonuse. (Pic courtesy: 101Reporters)