Water conservation efforts (2007) ITC Limited PSPD Unit, Kovai (Tamil Nadu)
A water balance approach has been adopted within the mill and specific water consumption as well as per capita domestic consumption have also been lowered Posted on 28 May, 2009 10:34 AM

This presentation describes the water conservation efforts made by ITC Limited,  PSPD unit, Kovai, Tamil Nadu. ITC's Kovai unit manufactures paperboard and specialty papers (PSPD). Investments of Rs 30 million in water conservation, Rs.500 million on energy conservation and Rs.150 million on waste utilization have helped this plant achieve many breakthroughs, among them zero effluent discharge and zero solid waste output. 100% of the fly ash from the boiler, sludge from the ETP & plastics from waste is recycled.

The use of waste biomass as the main fuel for the boiler has reduced CO2 emissions by 96,000 tonnes per annum. Under the green belt development activities, vegetation has gone up from 20,000 trees in 2004-'05 to 80,500 in 2006-'07.