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Impact analysis of recharge through borewells in Pavagada, Sira and Bagepalli areas of Tumkur District

TumkurThis report by ACWADAM is a synopsis of the hydrogeological study carried out for BIRD-K in Pavagada, Sira and Bagepalli areas of Tumkur District, Karnataka. The study aimed at an impact analysis of recharge through borewells as well as suggesting new sites for the same.

The principle objectives of the study were:

  • ¬†Impact analysis of aquifer recharge through borewells done by BIRD-K in Pavagada and Sira Clusters
  • Suggest new sites for aquifer recharge through borewells in Bagepalli cluster.

The methodology used a background study of the area through images from Google Earth. A detailed geological fieldwork in the area was carried out. Various structural and hydrogeological measurements were made to map out the aquifer systems within the area. Water levels in borewells and dug wells were measured. The study area included seven watersheds and falls in two clusters namely Pavagada and Sira. Both these clusters are located in the Tumkur district of Karnataka.





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