Jaideep Hardikar

Jaideep Hardikar
"A village awaits doomsday" - Stories of displaced people who lose their home, hearth and land to "progress": A book by Jaideep Hardikar
This book strings together stories of people forced to part with their lands to make way for progress and development.
Posted on 06 Mar, 2013 06:44 PM

A village awaits doomsday

Hope in the season of hopelessness: A case study from Yavatmal district, Maharashtra
Posted on 30 Apr, 2009 03:37 PM

"Hope in the season of hopelessness", written by Jaideep Hardikar in March 2007, is the story of a three-acre farmer Vasanta Kolhe in Hatgaon village, Yavatmal district, Maharashtra, whose income improved, thanks to a bund that students built, that increased the availability of water in his farm, and allowed him to sow wheat on an a