Jagannath Chatterjee

Jagannath Chatterjee
Mangrove nurseries protect coasts and livelihoods
Mangrove plantations in coastal Odisha are not just protecting people from storms and cyclones, but also opening up new livelihood possibilities.
Posted on 13 May, 2016 01:40 PM

Kendrapara and Jagatsinghpur are among the most vulnerable districts affected by cyclones and climate change in coastal Odisha. In the last few decades, the coasts of Odisha have witnessed three major devastating storms.

Mangrove Nursery at Naupal ( Source: Regional Centre For Development Cooperation)
Villagers in Puri, Odisha return to agriculture after a 32 year hiatus
Roadways construction affected the natural water drainage and blocked canals since 1980. Recent restoration works has infused life back into two villages in Madhuban Gram Panchayat.
Posted on 09 Mar, 2016 10:43 AM

Water logging has been a persistent problem for farmers in the coastal areas of Puri, Odisha. Construction of national highways has affected the natural water drainage system and has changed the lands of thousands of farmers since 1980.

Canal restoration in Puri district (Source: Regional Centre for Development Cooperation)
Floating gardens for the landless
Flood affected areas in coastal Odisha have adopted new ways of farming. Called floating gardens, these have the scope to reduce the food insecurities of the landless poor.
Posted on 17 Feb, 2016 09:49 PM

The coastal district of Puri in Odisha is infested with water hyacinth. In 1982, 10 million people and 3 million hectares of agricultural land was affected by floods causing the water hyacinth to increase to such an extent that it has affected the lives and livelihood of communities for almost three decades.

Women working on a floating garden (Source: RCDC)
Rice-fish culture transforms the lives of cyclone-hit farmers in Odisha
Rice-fish systems allow for the production of fish and other aquatic animals as well as rice from the same rice field area, and generally without causing reductions in rice yields.
Posted on 06 Jan, 2016 11:24 PM

Coastal regions of Kendrapara and Jagatsinghpur districts of Odisha have been hit by cyclonic storms for more than two decades.

Integrated Rice Fish Culture Unit Rajnagar (Source: RCDC, Odisha)