Indukanth Ragade

Indukanth Ragade
Self reliance in water: A book by Indukanth Ragade
Self reliance in water, a practical manual for city and town dwellers by Indukanth Ragade, describes the what, why and how of the paths towards self-reliance in water.
Posted on 21 Sep, 2012 03:39 AM

Tips on sustainable use of ground water for Chennai residents
Residents of Chennai need to look for self-reliant measures on water use, write Sekhar Raghavan & Indukanth Ragade Posted on 18 Jan, 2010 02:18 PM

The water position in Chennai has been satisfactory for several years now because of a couple of good monsoons, good supply from Andhra Pradesh and from the Veeranam Lake. The rainwater harvesting systems installed by many citizens have also helped in improving ground water levels. However, citizens should not presume that their water problems are solved for the following reasons;

Chennai’s water needs are mainly met by impounding the rainwater from the Araniar-Kortalayar rivers north of the city and the capacity of the reservoirs is woefully inadequate. It has been estimated that an entire year’s supply flows wastefully into the sea consequently. The quantum of supply from AP and the Veeranam Lake is uncertain.