Harini Nagendra

Harini Nagendra
Very few questions being asked on climate change in the Parliament
Ministers referred to a source for their information on climate change in only 10% of the questions asked, study indicates Posted on 27 Jul, 2022 05:45 PM

Addressing the climate change challenge requires multi-level governance especially at global, national, sub-national and regional levels. At the global level, climate agreements and treaties negotiate terms for countries to curb emissions.

Parliamentarians can help develop a policy and regulatory framework that promotes climate change mitigation and adaptation (Image: Rawpixel)
Maps, lakes and citizens: The use of surveys in lake conservation - An article in the Seminar magazine
Settlements in the area that is now Bangalore have a recorded history that dates back to the 5th century CE. Water for these settlements was made available through multiple series of tanks, which numbered 19,800 around the year 1830.
Posted on 19 Mar, 2012 11:44 AM

This lake system is now decaying with lakes either taken over for urban uses, or choking due to neglect. ATREE and the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) have been engaged in attempting to understand how to restore these lakes for urban use, while maintaining their ecological importance. This article in Seminar describes this attempt.

Puttenahalli: one of Bengaluru's urban lakes

Once upon a lake: A report on the current status of the lakes of Mahadevpura constituency, Bengaluru with recommendations for restoration
Lakes of Mahadevpura constituency, Bengaluru- current status, changes in distribution and recommendations for restoration' by Harini Nagendra, Ramesh Sivaram, and S Subramanya presents the current status of the lake and canal system in Bengaluru’s Mahadevpura constituency, with details of individual lakes as well as recommendations for the restoration of these lakes as well as the entire system. This report has been shared with the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, under which the management of these lakes is consolidated, to inform planning at a constituency and ward level. Posted on 23 Feb, 2012 05:55 PM

Map of the lakes in Bengaluru, with information about their status

Map of the lakes in Bengaluru, source: ATREE

Lakes of Mahadevpura constituency of Bengaluru: Current status, changes in distribution and recommendations for restoration - A report by ATREE (2011)
This report is based on a survey of the lakes dating back to the 9th century AD in Mahadevpura constituency of Bengaluru. Posted on 02 Mar, 2011 09:18 AM

LakeThe lakes are now faced with the impacts of rapid urbanization and the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has been consolidating management of the majority of the city’s lakes under its control in the recent years. The survey dealt with 35 lakes in 10 sub chains in Mahadevpura. The report describes current status, studies changes in extent, and suggests steps for reclamation and conservation.