Divya N

Divya N
Taking advantage of the simple concept of gravity
Tribal communities in remote villages of the Eastern Ghats now have water round the clock due to a simple water system that uses no electricity.
Posted on 31 Mar, 2015 11:46 AM

Vanajakshi, a 21 year old girl from Gondipakalu in Chintapalle Mandal, Andhra Pradesh, recalls that, growing up, she was often late to school. It wasn’t because she was having trouble waking up. It was because she had to accompany her mother to fetch water, and that took up around 2.5 hours every morning.

Vanajakshi's reason wasn’t unique to her.

A standpost in Pakabu village
The challenged coasts of India: A report
The report highlights how degradation of the coastal environment has reached alarming proportions, closely reflecting the urban population explosion and rapid and unplanned urbanisation.
Posted on 05 Dec, 2014 10:18 AM

Aims of the report:

Fishing, an important coastal activity
500 year old water structure in Rameshwaram rediscovered!
After 30 days of digging and removing 6000 tractor loads of sand, the evasive Dharmar Theertham was found intact with fresh water being replenished in a pit in the middle of the structure.
Posted on 03 Dec, 2014 10:12 PM

The word 'Theertham' literally means ‘water’ but in Hindu mythology, it is usually the physical holy water body associated with a temple or deity.

The 80 X 35 feet structure of Dharmar Theertham
Battling water scarcity with borewell recharge
“Best practices in water management are too scattered, and results are not clearly visible. A model village would be ideal to spread awareness”, says Devaraja Reddy, a hydrogeologist in Chitradurga.
Posted on 03 Dec, 2014 09:27 PM

Chitradurga district in Karnataka receives the lowest rainfall in the state. According to the Drought Monitoring Board, most borewells are dry and where there is water, its quality is poor. According to Chitradurga-based Devaraja Reddy who is a hydrogeologist,150-200 borewells were drilled in 2013, with an unfortunate success rate of 2%.

Basavaraj on his field in Chitradurga
No toilet, no job
Panchayat presidents of Namakkal district get people to build toilets at home by banning them from work until they do so.
Posted on 28 Nov, 2014 03:04 PM

Thipramahadevi Pudhur is a village in Erumapatti Block, Namakkal District with 115 households. In July this year, this village was declared as ‘open-defecation free’ (ODF), something that was aided by Leaf Society, an organization based in Namakkal and their effective strategy of awareness generation, and leveraging of government loans to communities via convergence. 

Billboard declaring Thipramahadevi Pudhur ODF
Poisonous cocktail in the Cauvery
Leachate from thermal plants in Mettur flows straight into the Cauvery river polluting cotton fields along the way. What else is this affecting?
Posted on 20 Oct, 2014 01:26 PM

Mettur, a lush green valley town near Salem in Tamil Nadu, is most famous for the Mettur Dam and the Cauvery river, which originates at Talakaveri, in Kodagu, Karnataka. A largely agricultural town, Mettur's move to industrialisation happened in 1936 when Mettur Chemicals set up India’s first caustic-chlorine factory above the Stanley Reservoir. 

Mettur is now home to many ash ponds
Neighbour's envy, user's pride!
Basavaraj's house in drought-prone Chitradurga district in Karnataka is mostly self-sufficient for water. Was it serendipity, luck or something more?
Posted on 20 Oct, 2014 12:46 PM

Chitradurga district in southern Karnataka is infamous for drought. People here constantly suffer from water shortage and in the last few years, the problem has escalated due to poor rainfall. 

Basavaraj's water-sufficient house in Chitradurga
"Ultra Mega Power" to destroy!
The film 'Kaayal Kadhaigal' meaning 'stories from the lagoon', shows how Cheyyur's flourishing fishing and agricultural practices, could soon end due to an upcoming coal power plant.
Posted on 12 Sep, 2014 01:09 PM

Cheyyur, a town 100 km from Chennai in Kanchipuram, has been identified as the site for a 4000 MW Ultra Mega Power Plant (UMPP) by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

One of Cheyyur's productive lagoons
Plastic bags don't just pollute, they kill!
The Olive Ridley sea turtle, which has been in existence for millions of years, has now become a critically endangered species because of increased coastal development and human activity.
Posted on 07 Sep, 2014 10:07 AM

If one takes a walk on the coastal towns of Neelankarai and Marina in Chennai between December and April, distinct tracks in the sand will be visible from the beach till the shore. These are the unmistakeable tracks of the Olive Ridley sea turtles that nest on these beaches.

Hatchlings ready for safe release into the sea
Coastal coal plants choke Chennai water resource hub
Dead fish floating on the Ennore water creek are the least of the locals worries. Toxic metals, which are poisonous, radioactive and cancerous are a far greater concern.
Posted on 07 Sep, 2014 01:03 AM

Chennai's Fort St.George, built in 1644, was the first English fortress to be built in India. It laid the foundation for further settlements around it and the city of Madras gradually expanded around the fort over the years. 

The NTPC Power Plant in Ennore